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As a service to the community, an electronic hyperlinked edition of The Buzzards Have Landed! is now available on-line. The intent is to make the information readily available to those concerned with protecting our precious water resources from the adverse impacts of metallic sulfide mining. That’s what the book’s primary author, Roscoe Churchill (who passed away in February 2007), would have wanted. And as his co-author and pal, I want the same. The whole reason behind our writing the book was to help friends, near and far, facing similar battles over preservation of the earth’s natural resources.

To access the book, please click on the below link:

The Buzzards Have Landed!_hyperlinked electronic edition_Certified

The file size of the electronic edition of the book is quite large (182 MB), so please allow ample time for downloading. Please also note that the electronic edition posted here contains hyperlinks for easy access to reference documents cited in the text. An additional feature of the electronic edition is that the text is searchable and, if the reader would like to reproduce brief excerpts of the book for educational or review purposes, pages of interest can easily be copied.

Thank You,

Laura Gauger (April 2014)