Over the years Flambeau Mining Company (FMC) has implemented various environmental monitoring programs at the Flambeau Mine site, some required per the terms of the 1991 Flambeau Mine Permit, and others developed at a later date. To access information regarding select monitoring programs implemented by FMC at the Flambeau Mine site, please click on the following links. Footnotes cited within the documents drafted by Laura Gauger can be accessed by clicking on the last link:

Select environmental monitoring results reported by FMC to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) are available on the Flambeau Mine Exposed website. For example, data from the various monitoring wells at the Flambeau Mine site can be found on the “Contaminated Drinking Water” page, and walleye data can be found on the “Flambeau River” page. If you need a particular set of data and cannot find it on the Flambeau Mine Exposed website, you can contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) in Madison, WI, where all the monitoring data submitted by FMC is kept on file. Here is the contact information for the department’s mining coordinator (current as of May 2013):

Philip Fauble, P.G.
Mining & Beneficial Reuse Program Coordinator
Bureau of Waste & Materials Management
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Phone: (608) 267-3538
Fax:  (608) 267-2768

Another way to access environmental monitoring data for the Flambeau Mine site is by going to the WDNR website. The department posts a portion of the water quality monitoring data that has been submitted by FMC. This includes both groundwater data and limited surface water data for the Flambeau River. Unfortunately, however, not ALL of the FMC monitoring data has been made available on the department’s website.

The Department’s on-line database is known as GEMS (Groundwater and Environmental Monitoring System; ; Website Static Image).

To access the database, click on the above link, accept the user agreement and click on “Proceed to GOTW.” The following specifications will help you find the correct file:

  • County = Rusk
  • Facility Name = Flambeau Mining Co – Kennecott Mining Site
  • License Number = 3180

When you are in the Flambeau Mine section of the data base (Website Static Image), do the following:

  • Click on the “Point ID” for the well or surface water site you want to see
  • Scroll down, click on “Choose Parameter Code(s)/Subtype(s),” select individual parameters of interest or click on “Check All”
  • Under “Choose Sample Date Range,” select dates that you want (oldest wells at Flambeau site have data going back to October 1987) or click on “Select All Dates”
  • Click on “Download Comprehensive Results Directly to Excel File”
  • When the Excel file has downloaded, you can “sort” any column to make the spreadsheet more usable.

If you are in need of a particular set of data and are not able to locate it by the above methods, please contact Laura at and she will do what she can to help.