Groundwater Standards

There are four different kinds of groundwater quality monitoring wells at the Flambeau Mine site:

  1. In-Pit wells:  MW-1013 nest and MW-1014 nest
  2. Intervention Boundary wells located in the 140-foot wide rock pillar directly between the backfilled mine pit and the Flambeau River:  MW-1000R, MW-1000PR and MW-1010
  3. Intervention Boundary wells located elsewhere:  MW-1002 nest, MW-1004 nest and MW 1005 nest
  4. Compliance Boundary wells:  MW-1015 nest (Please note that Flambeau Mining Company (FMC) installed only one nest of monitoring wells along the entire compliance boundary, even though the Flambeau Mine compliance boundary is about 3.7 miles long)

Different groundwater quality standards, as established per the terms of the Flambeau Mine permit and Wisconsin’s mining regulations, apply to each of the four kinds of wells listed above. Click on the below links to see, first of all, a map showing the locations of the various wells and, secondly, tables outlining the applicable groundwater quality standards:

FMC made various predictions of pore water quality within the backfilled mine pit (this would include the water in the MW-1013 and MW-1014 nests). The following four tables summarize those predictions:

One final note on Flambeau Mine groundwater standards:  In August of 1994, FMC sent a letter to the Wisconsin DNR in which the company requested certain modifications to its mine permit relative to groundwater quality standards. It is unclear, however, if the Wisconsin DNR ever approved the requested changes. To see the FMC proposal (plus cited exhibits), please click on the following link: